Japan Environmental Exchange

"Cartoon GOMIC Part7" 1000yen

Author: Hiroshi TAKATSUKI (Pen-name: High Moon)
Director of Miyako Ecology Center, Kyoto
Publisher: Japan Environmental Exchange (JEE)

Cartoon GOMIC Part7 image


The ongoing theme of "GOMIC" is that we need to think about issues related to present-day garbage in relation to our lifestyle. However, its content extends beyond garbage issues to overall environmental problems as well.
Last year, the disastrous Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, resulting in calls for reduced power consumption in Japan. How many people used to think about their former lifestyle, using large amounts of resources and energy? We know now that our planet Earth's resources and energy cannot support the lifestyle of people of developed countries, including Japan, anymore. I have taken up this fact many times in this "GOMIC" series, strongly advocating the need to change our lifestyle from now on.
I am happy to make my cartoons freely available to promote change of lifestyle, copyright free, except in the case of advertising by private companies.
In preparing this English version of GOMIC Part 7, I was assisted again by Mr. Ken Rodgers. I sincerely thank him.