Japan Environmental Exchange

"Eco-Calendar" Project

Looking back at 30 years of J.E.E. Eco-Calendars

It has been 30 years since we started making the "J.E.E. Eco-Calendar."
This calendar for 2021 will be the last one. To express our gratitude to all our supporters, we have listed all previous title pages and themes.
From the beginning, the illustrations have been created by Mr. High Moon, an environmental cartoonist, using various techniques such as watercolor, pastel, ink drawing, paper cutting, and woodcut print.
Which year's calendar is your favorite?
We hope you enjoy looking back on our past issues.

If you want to look at the illustrations of Eco-Calendars, please go to the "High Moon Manga gallery" web-site and click on "Eco-Calendars".
You can look at the articles about Eco-Calendar.

"Eco-Calendar" 2001 - 2021

2021 edition " Let's Plant Seeds of Hope"

2020 edition "Living in a Circulating World"

2019 edition "12 Months in Touch with Soil"

2018 edition "Wind Journey with the Eco-neko"

2017 edition "Life with Water"

2016 edition "Light and Life"

2015 edition " What's Green?"

2014 edition "A Haiku Journey with Eco-neko on the Narrow Green Road"

2013 edition "Happy Taste of Slow Food"

2012 edition "12 Key Concepts to Open Up a New Green World"

2011 edition "Green Folktales -Revisited"

2010 edition "For our Planet’s Future, Monthly reminders of things that matter"

2009 edition "From owning to sharing"

2008 edition "Slow Life Savoring Human Skills"

2007 edition "Environment-Changing Japanese Expressions"

2006 edition "Healthy Food, Healthy Planet"

2005 edition "Endangered Species; Can We Coexist Forever?"

2004 edition "FROM KYOTO"

2003 edition "Eco-Haiku"

2002 edition "Past and Present"

2001 edition "ECO CARTOON"