Japan Environmental Exchange

Environmental puppet & picturecard show 'Eco-Neko Za'

  • We have been doing the puppet & picturecard show, 'Eco-Neko Za' since 2001, with the aim of encouraging children in learning the environmental issues and practicing their activities with a lot of fun.
  • As the puppets we use are not big, around 30cms in height, the show is is intended for an audience of 10 - 20 per performance.
  • It doesn't matter whether it is a Western-style room or a Japanese-style room, if that room has a table that the puppets are put on to perform.
  • We also have a recycling handicraft class after the performance, matching the topics of shows.
  • We go and perform in Kansai-area, mainly in Kyoto.
    As for the details, please contact us.

Topics of our shows and handicraft activities

  1. 'Carrying a water-bottle & shopping bag' with 'Let's draw a picture
    on My Bag'
  2. 'Save papers' with 'Let's make memo-pads and something using recycled papers and paper boxes
  3. 'Turn off the tap of water while you are brushing your teeth' with 'Quizes on water'
  4. 'Delicious vegetables' with 'Let's onion-dye handkerchief'
  5. 'Close the fridge door quickly' with 'Let's make the cover of Singing bird battery'
  6. 'Separate our trash with 'Trash-separating game'

Topics of the picturecard show

  1. Carrying a water-bottle & shopping bag
  2. Save papers
  3. Kuma-san (bear) in the forest
Eco-Neko Za picture1
Eco-Neko Za picture2
Eco-Neko Za picture3