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Post cards No. 1-81

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Partial design change with a mark in January 2019

Greeting cards

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  1. Our cards all feature distinctive illustrations by the environmental cartoonist High Moon.
    (His real name is Hiroshi Takatsuki, and he is a member of the Japan Manga-ka Association).

  2. The images come from JEE publications: the annual JEE environmental calendar, the Cartoon GOMIC series, PICTURECOLOGY, etc.

  3. We started printing postcards in 1999, making use of paper that would have been discarded while printing JEE calendars.
    The paper is only slightly thinner than standard postcards, so no problem!

  4. Usually the cards' text is in Japanese and English, but sometimes also in Korean, Chinese, and French.

  5. Prices (postage not included):
    Postcard: 10yen
    Greeting card (with envelope): 30yen

  6. Note: Postcards No.1〜18 and 22 are already sold out.
    Greeting cards 1 and 2 are also sold out.

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